While late-night rocking (mom-style), I started thinking about my child's life, what his story will be and how I can make sure he has every good experience a little boy can have. It also made me think about my own story and how different—even out of place at times—I feel now.

I am a new me, and I’m still defining what that looks like. (Aren’t we all?)

As I now learn alongside my babe, through his eyes, I’ve set out to redefine and curate my own story, too. I hope I can inspire him to live a good life. It’s no cliché that the world needs more good, and together, we’re going to build a story worth living and telling.  


What’s my story? That’s what I’ve been asking myself a lot lately. How do I articulate it? Why does it matter? Who am I, really?

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I find uplifting, hidden gem board books and pair them with simple activities so you can spend more time with your baby, growing a kind-hearted kid.