Nice to meet you. I'm Christin.

I’m an editor and a professor. Officially, my job is to oversee content publishing on behalf of The Salvation Army and teach effective writing. But really, I am determined to help people be better understood and find validation. I believe everyone has a story to tell, that every story has meaning, and that telling it well builds confidence and connection.

So my "superpower" is finding clarity with words. Take a look at my résumé and portfolio. Find me on Medium. See more of my work with Wayfarer Creative Group.

I would love for us to be friends on Facebook and Instagram. Let's connect on LinkedIn, too. And you can get a sense of my style on Pinterest

Gallup says my top five strengths are discipline, relator, individualization, intellection and developer. I think my perpetual list making would provide evidence of that top one (seriously, try the 2Do app).

I enjoy listening to This American Life, On the Media, and TED Radio Hour, and reading The New York TimesThe Atlantic, Fast Company, and GOOD. Plus, Caring, which shares true tales of beautiful people doing incredible things. 

I like going out to breakfast and playing Cranium, trying new restaurants (thank you, Yelp) and always crave the adventure of a new destination. 

Let's connect!