Nice to meet you. I'm Christin.

I'm one of the nearly 4 million people who live in and around LA, and in this sea of life, I often think about all of the stories each person carries that I'll never know. The life-altering, best and worst, or just everyday pieces of our narrative that make a life.

But a story told is a story preserved, a story shared.

My day job is to oversee content publishing on behalf of The Salvation Army. I get to find and tell of the (seriously creative) ways people are adding good to the world, and I love helping to find clarity and validation in someone's story. We all have one, but how we tell it directly impacts the way it is understood—and remembered.

And even better, a well told story can often lead to added goodness.

I would love for us to be friends on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, or in real life. Yours will be one less story for me to wonder about.

Let’s connect!


[For something more official, here's my résumé.]